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Know regions and comprehend the attractiveness all over Japan
Our patissiers study about the history, feelings and passions by visiting farmers in Japan.
We express their passion through artistic cakes.



Making cakes with the tradition and passion of each locality
Patissiers learn lessons from farms and turn fruits into beautiful creations by their precise techniques.


Express the Japanese traditional beauty
Through artistic cakes, we express the beauty of Japanese traditional art and culture that have been handed down in Japanese history.


For your Luxurious Christmas
People often hope to spend luxury time in Christmas.
We provide special Christmas cakes imaging a row of houses along the streets in Christmas time for you.
Not only for special occasions but also for casual parties and trests to yourself.

いくつになっても特別な日“誕生日”に いくつになっても特別な日

Cerebrate your special birthday
“Happy birthday!!”, the word makes us so happy with no age limits.
Please put in a word of celebration for the birthday with our cakes.
You can freely select fruits and designs.


Our cakes with your heart
To your family, friends and partner…
You can make them happy and tell them your message and feelings with our cakes.